Shanghai China

Shanghai, China's largest city, is located on the East China coast just to the south of the mouth of the Yantze River. With the province of Jiangsu to the north and Zhejiang to the south, it is the center of economy, trade, technology, culture and communications in China. Meanwhile, it is a well-known cultural and historical city with a 6,000 year-old history. Its total area is 6,184 sq. km of which 340 sq. km constitute the city proper. Its total population is. Shanghai has developed into an important base in China's industry, foreign trade, science and technology, as well as a center of culture and education in the country.

C-Cube Microsystems (Asia Pacific) Ltd., Shanghai Office....

An Evening Stroll....

The Bund is a section of riverfront along the Huangpu river in Shanghai which until the early 1800's was undeveloped. The British set up their consulate and other buildings there after the Opium War. In the early 1900's the Bund sprouted up with buildings designed by architects from Britain, France, China, America, Russia, Japan, and others including Jews from various countries. The Bund is a record of architecture of the times from around the world, and many of its buildings were the best in Asia for their time.

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Living in the lap of luxury, the Shanghai Peace Hotel.

The infamous Sassoon House was completed in 1929 and reached a towering 77 meters. The fourth to seventh floors were occupied by the Cathay Hotel. In the 1930's, this art deco palace was known as the "most sumptuous house in the Far East." In 1956, Sassoon House was renamed the Peace Hotel. It's still in operation and a popular tourist site, if only to hear China's oldest Dixieland jazz band.

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